Home Schooling and Learning Styles

Part 3 of a 3 part article by Pamela Connolly


Here's part 3 (the last part) of a wonderful article on home schooling and learning styles. What Pamela Connolly says here actually applies in any educational context. If you haven't read Parts 1 and 2 yet, you may want to start with part 1. Used with permission.

Learning Styles And The Home Schooler - Part III of III

By Pamela Connolly

This is part III and the last part of this report. I hope you and your child are benefiting from the cues to their individual learning style and suggestions on how to can adjust your learning environment to achieve a successful and enjoyable homeschooling experience.

Next consider your child's level of structure.

STRUCTURE effects how your child handles new material.

If your child is analytical and detailed oriented, structure the style of the lessons on:

- Details

- Step by step order

- One thing at a time

- Specifics

- Individual competition

- Preparation

- Values over feelings

- Must know what to expect

- Logical sequence

- Self motivation

- Fact finding

If your child is global and "big picture" oriented, structure the style of the lessons on:

- Relationships

- Seeing the "Big Picture"

- Giving many options

- Reading between the lines

- Groups

- Avoiding of individual competition

- Avoiding conflict

- Reassurance and reinforcement

- Keeping on track, steps and details

- Going with the flow

These styles are not meant to confine your student into a box. The guidelines are meant to offer the parent/teacher options to create the best environment for the student and finally find the "path of least resistance". Evaluating individual styles is aimed to educate the parent/educator on how the child sees and processes information.

Do not try to fit your "round" child into a "square" hole... You will find very little success and lots of frustration and anger. Every one of us was made with different strengths and abilities. One is not "better" than the other, they are just different! This report is meant to illustrate learning pros and cons but most importantly that each style is manageable and has value.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned during my homeschooling adventure is to take the path of least resistance and not fight nature. I know you can do it!

Pam Connolly is a professional educator with the San Diego School District. She has been teaching kids how to type for over 11 years.

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