Fractions Examples

An unlimited supply of online worked fraction examples.


From this page, you'll find links to worked examples of different types of fraction problems. Each page generates example questions on a different fractions topic, and shows how to solve the question. This is a great resource for people who learn best by studying examples - if your child learns like this, put them in front of the appropriate fractions example page, ask them to study a few examples, then try them on the corresponding fractions worksheet.

There are pages with :

To use each example page, look for the "Generate Example" button, and click it. A fractions question will be given. The student has an opportunity to solve the question, before they click "Show Solution" to see the answer. If they got it right, good! Otherwise, clicking "Show Method" will reveal the steps to use to get the answer. For some types of problem (for example, simplifying fractions), there is more than one method shown.

I also have examples pages for some topics that it's helpful to master before tackling these fractions topics, such as Least Common Multiples and Greatest Common Factors.