Dinosaur Discovery Downloads

Get a menagerie of augmented reality dinosaurs in your home.


This isn't a math game, but it's totally awesome. I just have to post it here.

Some time ago, the museum near my home hosted an exhibition called Dinosaur Discovery. Along with animatronic dinosaurs and information displays, they had a smartphone app.

So, you'd be wandering through the museum, and notice that on each information plaque (and on your entrance ticket), there'd be a funny qr code thingy, looking a bit like this:

Seeing the code, you'd launch the app and look at the code through your phone. Like magic, a little dinosaur would pop out of the code! So I thought - why just have a little dinosaur? And why just at the museum?

I studied the frame codes, figured out the pattern, and made a bunch of printable downloads. I even made a huge big printable code in pieces you can tape together. Then your kids can have a dinosaur as big as a car in your living room!

First, you'll need the dinosaur discover app. Hopefully the museum will keep the app available forever:

Then, download the printable codes for each of the dinosaurs:

If you're trying to make the huge dinosaur qr-code, you have to tape it carefully - make sure it's square, and don't put any sticky tape on the black parts - the codes are quite sensitive to these things.

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