Printable Addition Charts

And Subtraction Charts Too!


When I was growing up, my dad hung a huge chart of chemical facts on the wall of our house. The amazing thing is that just by having that chart there, I find I can now remember all these facts years later. Even though I'm a math guy, and never studied chemistry beyond high school!

So now I'm using the same trick on my five-year-old. In his bedroom, amongst all the pixar movie posters, are printouts of his mom and dad's phone numbers, and a big addition grid. I've taught him how to use it to add numbers, but I don't drill him on it. I have no idea whether he studies it, but he can't help but see it every night at least. And he does know our phone numbers now!

Anyway, I suppose you already know that charts are useful - that's why you came to this page, after all. You'll find multiplication times table charts on another page. On this page, there are various forms of addition and subtraction charts and tables.

You'll find here :

  • Tables of addition facts (from 0+0=0 to 10+10=20) in two font sizes
  • Tables of subtraction facts (from 0-0=0 to 20-10=10) in two font sizes
  • There are also grids showing all these addition (and subtraction) facts in a single big diagram.
    • There's a smaller grid that's formatted to print out on one page.
    • Or, there's a larger grid for those of you who are ready with your sticky tape! This is the one my son has on his wall.

Hope that helps!