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An Online Traffic Jam Game!

My son really loves this online traffic jam game!


Looking for an online traffic jam game? If you don't know what the "traffic jam game" is, I've explained in detail on another page. In short, it's a cute board game that helps teach kids logical thinking skills. On the other page, I also provide a printable traffic jam game that you can print out, cut out, and play in all those places where you don't have an internet connection.

On this page, however, I've put a traffic jam game you can play online. It's a computer version, with over 600 puzzles ready for you to try! Click Help for a brief explanation of the rules. Click New for a new game, or Reset to restart the current puzzle. Drag the cars with the mouse, and try to get the red car off the top of the board. If the puzzles are too hard, or too easy, you can adjust the difficulty with the drop-down list. Or click I'm Stuck!. Switch the sound on or off using the Sound button. At the bottom of the puzzle board, the game shows you how many moves you've taken, and how many moves you should be taking!

Scroll down now and have a go. This online traffic jam puzzle needs java, so if your computer prompts you to download the "Java Plugin", just say yes. You'll only have to download the plugin once. I've made every effort to make it worth the wait! However, if it really doesn't work, you could try some of the other traffic jam puzzles listed at And don't forget the other Interactive Online math games on this site!

Want to play offline?

Traffic Jam For Android