Logical Psychology

I posed my son a puzzle today. He’s a student, in senior high school, and exams are ever in his mind. I told him a story of four students who missed their exam, and gave him some information about them.

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Time Travel, Truth and the Color Of My Shirt.

Have you ever played “truth and lies?” It’s an icebreaker game where you make three statements – two are supposed to be true, and one false. It helps people in a group to get to know each other, and see how well they already do.

Well, next time you play, you might like to bend it into a mind-twisting IQ puzzle.

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Logical Proverbs

“No news is good news”… “You can’t have your cake and eat it”… if you consider things perfectly logically, these should bother you. After all, if no news was good news, logically speaking, all news would be bad news, yes? And that would be bad news.

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Can Elections Be Fair?

Imagine the United States had only three states, Texas, California and Florida. Suppose each of these states sent 10 delegates to the electoral college. Suppose, also, that each of these states is a swing state – the polls show 50% support for either candidate, so the result depends on tiny swings within each state.

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Two Games Called Meta

The past few days, my kids have been arguing about what game to play after school. The younger one wants to play Junior Monopoly but the older one thinks that’s too boring. The elder one wanted to play Blokus, but the younger one said that was too difficult.

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