Circles wherever you look.

You see a silhouette of a three-dimensional shape. The silhouette is a circle. Then, you turn to get another view. The new silhouette is still a circle, so you turn again. And again. Every time you look at the shape, you see a circular outline.

Is it a sphere?

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Is Math Real or Invented?

When we learn that, say, 2+2=4, is that something really true about the universe, or is it something some caveman made up? Does a cube exist as something more than just a figment of our imagination?

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Orchard Puzzle

I recently received a tough puzzle as a gift from my brother. The name of the puzzle is “Orchard”, and so far, indeed, it seems quite tough! The first step in solving it is to solve this puzzle :

Creative Math Teaching

I just saw this excellent online presentation about creative ways to teach math – it explains (briefly) what’s wrong with the current “linear” method of teaching math, and gives some tips on how to improve matters – even within the current system.

Check it out below :

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