Making Tough Puzzles Easy (Or Less Tough, Anyway)

My in-laws in Singapore called up, asking for a solution to this puzzle. A short while later they called again to say that they’d solved it, but only after a long period of trial and error, asking me if there was a more systematic way.

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Adding (and Subtracting) Fractions Tips

The “standard” way to add (or subtract) fractions is to put them over a common denominator first. So, the fraction problem

3 over 10plus 1 over 15

9 over 30plus 2 over 30

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Timez Attack Division

There’s more great news from the team behind Timez Attack – they’ve added a Division game!

As I’ve blogged about in the past, Timez Attack is a fantastic way for kids to learn times table facts. It’s a real 3D computer game, immersing kids in a variety of simulated environments, where they battle monsters with a unique weapon : times tables skills! Timez Attack made my son the times table champion of his grade 3 class.

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